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Who We Are

The Copy Cat Foundation is a group of brands from all over Australia that have created awesome brands, products and have had their intellectual property stolen by corporations or other brands.   As a united front and resources and an incredible media agency who has worked with the biggest brands in Australia and media. We are creating a support service for anyone going through the horrific theft from all sorts of brands. As you read this think about saving all of your money and working on a project and then just having it stolen and there is no support in this country. Thats where we come in, we will go on any TV station, newspaper to report these cowards and make them look like the losers they are  and call them out.   Just like the women's marches in parliament one day we will be as load!!  Its not just competition or its not just business these crooks ruin people's lives.   We have had to resort to now making Mytiko a member only business because of these losers. We will up date you soon with the next exciting installment.  

Shop at original brands they work their butts off to create and survive, it is their baby.  Plus your supporting  local made and slow fashion.  These copy theft brands which is how they have grown their buisness from the start is ripping off brands and work with dodgy production over seas and just rip off small brands that's who you might be supporting. The big brands are ruining our environment with you buying cheap clothes that you don't need. Go back to the 90s vibe and buy quality brands, like Mytiko that made you feel great and it lasts.  Thanks for supporting Mytiko not the cheap copy thieves that stole from us since the 90s.  xx

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