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Pre Sale

We are excited to launch  Mytiko's shoppers club first luxe exclusive!

Pre - Sale  Luxe Ponte De Roma Range. 

To purchase at VIP prices , purchase during our 3-day order window within the next 3 days to receive the pre-sale VIP discount.

Pre-sale garments are only avialable at a discounted price during the
3-Days.   Allow 3 weeks presale discount.

* Please note: If you buy other items in the same order as your pre- sale piece, your entire order will be put on hold until your pre-order  sale item is made and ready to ship.   If you are not sure  aboout delivery times please message us. xx

Pre Sale Stone High Waste Ponte De Roma Range 


Pre Sale White High Waste Ponte De Roma Range 


Pre Sale Black High Waste Ponte De Roma Range 

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