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Mytiko Brand Terms and Conditions

Purchasing from Mytiko

When you make a purchase or attend one of our private events at Mytiko you agree to our terms and conditions outlined below.

1.  Your Mytiko purchase is an original copyright garment.  The garment won't be copied or purchased for another brands copying purposes. 

2. If we suspect you're a competitor brand or counterfeit designer we can cancel and refund your order. 

3. Mytiko pants are a copyright design by the Victoria Federal Court of Australia. 

4. Your order can be cancel if your developing a clothing brand or fashion designer. 

Mytiko Events

1.  If you have been invited to one of our events you agree to confirm your not working for a fashion brand with any intention to copy our styles or artworks. 

2. If we suspect you are working for a competitor brand we can cancel your invite for our events. 

3. Mytiko events are a private event for our Mytiko customers.  If we suspect your a competitor we will cancel you from our database, socials and event invitations. 


Before you purchase take a look at the size chart and if you're not sure by a tape measure to check your size.  We can also help you with a size consult and call you. 

Mytiko Team 

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